Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chinese incursions into Bhutan?

This would be very disconcerting if true. Bhutan is an important buffer for the narrow chicken neck corridor connecting the north eastern states to the Indian
hinterland. The Chinese would love to gobble up this strategically important region.
The corridor itself, in the proximity of Darjeeling has become a
Bangladeshi Mohammedan majority area, the fantasy of all those secular progressives
who advocate a "free exchange of populations across borders". In this case, the free movement comprises mostly of subversive Maoists and Bangladeshi Mohammedans inimical to Hindu India and Nepal.

It would be characteristic of the Chinese dragon to nibble away at neighbouring
territory, while the Indian dhimmis are managed by chanting the mantra of Panchsheel,
"the five principles of peaceful coexistence".

Note that building of roads and then claiming the territory as their own
was the stratagem employed previously in usurping the Aksai Chin region
of Ladakh from India.

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