Friday, December 10, 2010

on varanasi blast

dec 10th, 2010
the NDTV anchor was caught on video telling the next guy: "anant, DO NOT talk about IM email".
yeah, they wanted to verify it with the IM before they would broadcast it, a courtesy they do not extend to, say, narendra modi -- they broadcast any hearsay about him.
but i suspect the IM is different -- they may have the same people bankrolling both.
RajeevSrinivasa @brpbhaskar you might tell the parents of dead 2yr old in #varanasi that mohdan terror is mythical. They will be so comforted, grateful

RajeevSrinivasa @brpbhaskar what's mythical about mohammedan terror? Oh, wait, 9/11, 26/11, etc are all mythical too. My mistake

RajeevSrinivasa Time to send green diapers to #barkhagate @bdutt @sardesairajdeep politicians to help with their diarrhea over #varanasi

RajeevSrinivasa PM mustn't lose sleep because IM letter was published. #teesta, #barkhagate will prove ietter was written by mythical 'saffron terrorists'

RajeevSrinivasa #varanasi shows yet again how #barkhagate media are 5th columnists for terrorists. Forensic acctng, trail to swiss accnts will show why.

RajeevSrinivasa How symmetric! Mohdan haj pilgrims fund ISI/LET (wikileaks). Hindu pilgrims (varanasi, godhra) killed by ISI/LET and fronts.

RajeevSrinivasa Hindus murdered by mohdans are unnamed, faceless eg 2yr old in varanasi, 58 in godhra. mohdan terrorists have hagiographies eg ishrat jahan

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sarathy said...

This is to be expected from NDTV. The ISlam-E-CULARISM is the brand of secularism promoted by NDTV in general and Barka Dutt in particular. NDTV has lost its credibility and has been in the forefront of spreading disaffection among communities and passing of views and opinions as News and facts. The sponsors would always like to avoid bad publicity; this aspect should be fully exploited to the hilt. Whoever can influence sponsors should make the sponsors to avoid certain anchors.
The good news is that NDTV has hit bad times. It is time to hit back where it hurts most. NDTV is running at a huge loss and is only surviving only on the patronage extended by the Congress. The strong nexus between the journalists and Congress politicians is well known. The complicity of ‘the media stars’ in the various acts of omission and commission is slowly coming out despite the media’s blatant attempt at totally blacking out the news.
I would like to bring the following links regarding the health of NDTV to the notice of your readers.
Once a glamour stock, NDTV headed for sickness?
NDTV-ICICI loan chicanery saved Roys,
NDTV CEO gives reply, Guardian responds
NDTV juggles funds, shares abroad, avoids tax