Monday, December 27, 2010

pak hindus: manmohan will give you visas the moment you convert

dec 27th, 2010

it'd be interesting to perform an experiment on manmohan. first, the pak hindus come to him and say they want asylum. his answer: no, sorry, pak is a friendly neighbor.

now they should just change clothes and put on mohdan outfits and then go back to him and say they want asylum. his answer: absolutely, glad to take you on.

i am pretty sure this is how it will go. these darn hindus just don't know how to market themselves. to add a bit of color, they can even say they are mohdans accused of terrorism. then surely manmohan will melt, and lose sleep right away.


Raghu said...

A spineless, vindictive,corrupt, third-rate government will never do anything for these people. On the other hand, many Hindu families from equally remote areas of Pakistan have just snuck into India, met up with people from a similar background, (eg. Sindhis) and just merged into India.

Agneya said...

Either they should continue to do as Raghu has noted, or an "underground railroad" type of network should be setup to facilitate the migration of Hindus of Pakistan AND Bangladesh into India. As Raghu notes, the government is corrupt...but this can be used to the advantage of the migrating Hindus. There are enough of them in BD and even pakistan (~10 million, ~4 million respectively if I recall correctly) to form vote banks for politicians, at a regional level

Verbal said...

similar story..

Many Pakistan's Hindus who've fled to India for fear of losing their religion find themselves in another set of predicaments here. They're not granted refugee status. They come on tourist visa but extensions, like in the case of Puri, are difficult to secure.

Pankaj said...

Posting an unrelated topic;

News update:
Narendra Modi authors book on climate change

Madhav said...

This is how China treats the ROP.

Please put this on the blog