Sunday, December 26, 2010

season for earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

dec 26th, 2010

why is the hoax guy's birthday a particularly good time for earthquakes? there was one this year too, although it didn't kill anyone: a large one, 7.6 near Vanuatu in the south pacific.

all earthquakes in the last century that fit the filter of 25,000 deaths or greater. 

YearDate CountryArea / NotesApprox Deaths
1908* December 28ItalyTsunami - Messina Straits70,000
1915 January 13ItalyAvezzano30,000
1920 December 16ChinaGansu200,000
1923 September 1JapanKanto143,000
1927 May 22ChinaTsinghai200,000
1932December 26 ChinaGansu70,000
1935May 30 India(now Pakistan)40,000
1939January 25 Chile 28,000
1939December 26Turkey  35,000
1948October 5U.S.S.R. Turkmenistan100,000
1970May 31Peru  70,000
1976July 27ChinaTangshan 255,000
1978September 16IranTabas 25,000**
1988December 7U.S.S.R.Armenia 25,000
1990June 20Iran  50,000
2003December 26Iran 32,000
2004*December 26IndonesiaTsunami - Indian Ocean 225,000
2005October 8India (Kashmir)Also Pakistan 87,000
2008May 12ChinaSichuan69,000

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