Saturday, December 25, 2010

more on the binayak sen front

dec 25th, 2010

nice writeup by kanchan. he massacres those whining for binayak sen, convicted terrorist.

now let's ignore this case, as it is a blatantly obvious diversionary tactic. 

i do believe barbarindian is being sarcastic about binayak being a hindu (yeah right -- most people who go to CMC vellore are pressured to convert, and anyway this guy is a communist terrorist, which in india is the same as christist)

barbarindian found out that binayak is very close to the godmen of the ISI (indian social institute, with its 100% kerala-christist-padre-journo management)

My Sunday column, Coffee Break: Spurious protests over Binayak Sen
barbarindian #freebinayaksen
Because he is a Hindu. GOI does not have balls to go after bigger secular offenders.

Whenever you catch a Maoist, a Mission lurks nearby. In BS case, this one:
 | Coincidence?


Sameer said...

None of the board members is a Hindu (not even a crypto with a Hindu name).
This ISI is almost same as the other ISI (no not the ISI mark wala ISI, the one that controls our neighbour).

Arvind said...

Guilty beyond doubt!