Sunday, December 26, 2010

BJP's 'internal contradictions'

dec 26th, 2010

this is another favorite #dalalmedia meme. amulya ganguli said this today in a long piece. the ELM is once again creating 'truth by repeated assertion'.

what exactly are the BJP's 'internal contradictions'? 

they have elected a new chief, and they have been winning elections handsomely. (ref. bihar)

is that a sign of a party with serious "internal contractions"?

ok, is it yeddy? well, the fact that a regional satrap can stand up to the delhi types is actually a good thing for a party. this is a big problem for the kkkangress, and it would wipe them out if it weren't for the always-convenient EVM fraud. 

what else? 

so far as i can see, the mud from the kkkangress scams is only sticking to them, especially manmohan and sonia and rahul, and is not sticking to the BJP. 

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