Sunday, December 26, 2010

amazing coincidence

dec 26th, 2010

when the kkkangress is busy worrying about its own problems, like now with the 2G and other scams, the incidence of green (in kashmir), red (in dantewada) and white (in odisha) terror goes down dramatically.

this is my hypothesis, and at least right now it is true. the rock-throwers in kashmir have quietened down, for instance.

my conjecture is that it is the kkkangress that is inciting all these maniacs. why? it's just the kkkangress' nature to be anti-national and anti-hindu. and also there must be money in this stuff.

when the kkkangress people are busy saving their asses from the fire, as they are now, they are too busy to entertain semitic mischief. that is my reasoning for the lull in green/red/white terrorism right now.

i acknowledge that there are other factors. the green terrorism in kashmir was intended for the consumption of barack hussein obama. besides, it's snowing there now and the jihadis prefer to not be too cold. 

do you see any merit in this hypothesis? if so, then we can predict less terrorism until, say, the kkkangress declares an emergency. then of course the kkkangress will get directly into the business of terrorism. then it seems they don't give greens any consideration -- look at what sanjay gandhi did to them, sterilizing them in large numbers. 

i am reminded of fassbinder's 'chinese roulette' -- business is slow; figuring that terrorism is good for business, a business house hires some red brigade types to create some random acts of terrorism.

if you have opinions in support or against, or better still, if you have data, do post it.

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Non Carborundum said...

You're bang (pun intended) on. Delhi Commonwealth Games are a case in point as well. After that one incident in Jama Masjid area when tourists were attacked, no one got caught even for failed attempts to disrupt the games. To me this seems quite unlikely unless both Maoists and Jehadis operate on a strict command-and-control mechanism and the control centers and our rulers act in collusion.

However, when there were about 60 days to go and the powers-that-be were not even confident of patching something together, frisking was stopped at Delhi Metro Stations for no good reason. (There are always adequate numbers of security staff and lines are never that long.)

Maybe at that time they were banking on some terrorist attacks to give them an excuse to delay the games, say to next year; but the public caught them out and there was a lot of talk that Metro is no longer safe to travel in, at least until the games start.