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is there already a 'soft' emergency in place? institutions have been subverted

dec 26th, 2010

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From: S. Kalyanaraman
Subject: Sonia G should be made accountable for subverting the Constitution

Sonia G should be made accountable for subverting the Constitution and facilitating loot of the nation's wealth

Subversion of the Constitution is an ongoing process which stems from the fountain: Sonia G.

Subversion takes many forms. One form is an undeclared emergency which is more vicious than the declared double emergency of Indira G.

Undeclared emergency is the result of subverting every Constitutional institution and removing the checks and balances by enshrining chamcha-giri as the operating principle.

All four estates have been compromised: Executive, judiciary, legislature, media. 

Instances of compromising the four estates are:

Nomination of a Rajya Sabha member as PM who openly admitted that the real power rests with Sonia G.

Nomination of a President.

Inaction on instances of judicial corruption.

Purchasing votes of members of Parliament to get the US-India nuke deal ratified.

Purchase of media personnel through lucrative offers, e.g paid news, media intervention in government formation influenced by corporate PR persons (cf. Radiagate, Barkhagate, VirSanghvigate, PrabhuChawlagate)..

It is so easy to destroy institutions which are to serve as the bulwarks of democracy. It is so difficult to build such institutions and employ persons of impeccable integrity in such institutions. Sonia Raj has packed institutions such as CVC with persons against whom criminal charges are pending adjudication. Sonia Raj has sought to politically steer or withdraw CBI investigations which should be conducted without any type interference from anybody.

By subverting the Constitution denting the checks and balances and by deploying chamchas in institutions which should protect and serve the Rule of Law, Sonia Raj has reduced the state into a banana republic.

John Maclithon makes the following observation:

...Meanwhile, all roads seem to lead to Sonia Gandhi: she is the first Lady of India, although she is a simple MP like hundreds of others, the ultimate arbiter, and nothing of importance is decided without her caveat. The immense power she wields within the Congress cannot be only due to her charisma, of her having the Gandhi name or having brought cohesion in the Congress.

It is also, and perhaps mainly, because she holds the purse strings of tremendous amounts of money. These party funds are overt: all the foundations, Rajiv, Indira, Nehru, etc, which store thousands of crores; and covert, starting with the Bofors scam. Where are the secret bank accounts where the scam money is stored? Under whose names are they operated? How is the money brought back to India? Who will answer all these questions?

...Furthermore, I thought that in her fortress of Janpath, surrounded twenty-four hours by security,  she gradually lost touch with the reality of India. Despite the fact that I met her a few times after Rajiv's death, I thus took discreetly my distances with her. It is then that I came up with my famous phrase on Sonia, for which she never forgave me:  "the moribund and leaderless Congress party has latched on to Sonia Gandhi who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism".

How pathetic can one get with twenty-four hours of security surrounding her and losing touch with reality? Pathos is irrelevant when it concerns the nation's abhyudayam. What is the evidence that she really understands the nation's traditions and potential for greatness in the global polity?

For this reason alone, Sonia Raj should crumble. Singhasan khaali karo ke janataa aati hai.


Press statement issued by Former BJP President, Shri Rajnath Singh at Mumbai

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Ever since the CAG report has exposed widespread corruption in the allocation of 2G spectrum the BJP led Opposition parties have been demanding a constitution of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to probe into this scam and a host of other corruption charges related to Commonwealth Games and Adarsh Housing Society. The entire Winter Session was washed out due to the Congress led UPA Government's reluctance to order a JPC probe which could ensure an impartial, in depth and speedy inquiry into all cases of corruption.
Instead of complying with our demand for the JPC the Government is trying to jeopardize the course of justice by indulging into a blame game. The Congress is now openly blaming the BJP for the dead lock situation in Parliament. The UPA Government seems to have forgotten that it is the Government's responsibility to ensure Parliament's smooth functioning whereas the Opposition parties are expected to play the role of 'Whistle Blower' if the Government is corrupt, anti people or undemocratic.
Therefore the UPA Government should own the responsibility for Parliament not functioning in the entire Winter Session due to its adamant and undemocratic stand over the issue of JPC. The UPA Government's persistent efforts to stonewall the opposition's demand for a JPC probe into the corruption charges related to the 2G spectrum allocation is a clear indication that its claims regarding good governance, integrity and transparency are bogus and preposterous.
My question to the Government is that what is so sinister about the opposition's demand for a JPC? If the Prime Minister is ready to face the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) then why is he shying away from the JPC? We all know that the PAC has a limited mandate and it can not delve deeper into this scam which involves Union Ministers, Corporate Houses and other influential people. Although the Supreme Court has asked the CBI to conduct an inquiry into the scam in its supervision but the CBI has been misused by the Congress led Governments on many occasions in the past. It could be easily arm-twisted by the Government in the future as well.
The CBI is already conducting an enquiry into the Commonwealth Games related irregularities but according to media reports it has not been able to get hold of crucial files which have gone missing from the Organizing Committee office. Despite the CBI's repeated requests papers relating to contractual obligations and authorizations have not been made available because the trail of corruption leads to influential people who are associated with the Congress party.
Media reports indicate similar tactics employed by the Congress led Maharashtra Government in the Adarsh Cooperative Housing society irregularities. The Government is dragging its feet on action against the officers involved in the scam. The people are outraged by this racketeering of bureaucrats and politicians in the name of soldiers who fought valiantly and died for the country in Kargil war.
All the existing checks and balances were subverted by the scamsters in an unprecedented manner. Now they are taking advantage of the present confusion and chaos by buying time to cover their tracks. These cases of corruption need a thorough examination. The constitution of JPC is the need of the hour as the people of the country want the guilty to be punished in accordance with the law of the land. Therefore I reiterate the BJP's demand for JPC and its enquiry should be put on a fast track by bringing the CBI's investigation under the JPC scanner.
'Saffron terror' lies in Congress Imagination
Recently certain Congress leaders shocked the nation by making bizarre claims regarding the events of Mumbai terror attack. A senior Congress leader Shri Digvijay Singh claimed that he had a telephonic conversation with Shri Hemant Karkare barely two hours before he was killed by the terrorists. He revealed to the people through media that Shri Karkare was upset over the remarks made by BJP leaders on his role in Malegaon blast investigation and even threatened by certain Hindu organizations.
Shri Singh's claims have been publicly dismissed by the wife of martyr Hemant Karkare but for the record I must add that I have never criticized Shri Karkare as he was performing his duty. There are no audio visual records in the country of me making such a statement against him. I had only criticized the Government's approach towards terrorism and its efforts to communalize such a sensitive issue.
He has also claimed that I have gone to see Sadhvi Pragya in jail whereas the truth is I have never ever met her in jail. If he has a proof of any jail meeting with her then he should bring it out in public. The series of lies did not end here as he went on to claim that I did not curb the activities of terrorist outfit SIMI. He seemed to have forgotten that I was the first Chief Minister in the country to ban SIMI in Uttar Pradesh. On the contrary when BJP Governments imposed ban on terrorist outfits like SIMI, the Congress party was quick to protest against that decision.
I strongly feel that there should be an investigation on why he is giving such statements, which hold no truth. The BJP has never given any colour to terrorism because terrorism should not be linked with any religion. We have always maintained that although Pakistan is promoting terrorism, yet we do not call it Islamic terrorism. The Congress has rather coined terms like 'Saffron or Hindu terror' for its own selfish purposes.
Phrases like 'Saffron terror' or 'Hindu terror' are nothing but the Congress party's figment of imagination. Its gross misinterpretation of critical issues like terrorism was recently exposed by Wikileaks when we came to know that Congress General Secretary Shri Rahul Gandhi told a foreign dignitary that saffron terror was a bigger threat to India than Pakistan based terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiyaba.
By making such claims and statements the Congress leaders are not only corroborating with Pakistan's agenda but also sabotaging the claims made by their own Government. In their bid to play vote bank politics the Congress leaders are knowingly or unknowingly playing into the hands of Pakistan. I ask the Congress party president to explain her party's stand on these ludicrous claims made by the Congress leaders. She should also rein in her party colleagues who are working against the interest of the country. The BJP does not want to play politics on issues of internal security. We advocate a broad based and clearly defined national policy against terrorism.
The Government has to take a conscious call to hang convicted terrorists like Afzal Guru and Kasab because they are potential threats to our country. Unless we bring the perpetrators of terrorist acts to justice as directed by the Supreme Court the Government will not be able to defend our countrymen from the terrorists who continue to target our cities and other strategic targets.
(Shyam Jaju)
Headquarter Incharge

Sonia Gandhi and the hidden trail

By John MacLithon 

22 Dec 2010 

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Pankaj said...

I have started admiring Jagan Mohan Reddy for standing up to the dynasty. Whatever his faults and crimes, he has challanged the queen and the crown prince. Not a small matter for a congressman.

Also, this provokes another thought. If Jagan is so difficult for the dynasty to handle, could they have handled his dad YSR?

It looks too much of a coincidence that so many congress leaders who could challange the dynasty have died in accidents.
1) Madhaorao Sindhia
2) Rajesh Pilot
3) YSR