Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Case Against Lord Krishna, in Poland

dec 23rd, 2010

i don't know if this story is true, but is truly illustrative of all godman propaganda: all the vices they accuse hindus of, they themselves are far more guilty of.

christism is the religion of lies. they lie about everything, starting from the imaginary jesus (existence be upon him!).

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The Case Against Lord Krishna, in Poland
With the rapidly spreading Hinduism worldwide, a nun in Warsaw, Poland, filed a case against ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). The case came up in court. The nun remarked that ISKCON was spreading its activities and gaining followers in Poland. She wanted ISKCON banned because its followers were glorifying a character called 'Krishna' "who had loose morals," having married 16,000 women called Gopikas. The ISKCON defendant requested the Judge: "Please ask the nun to repeat the oath she took when she was ordained as a nun." The Judge asked the nun to recite the oath loudly. She would not. The ISKCON man asked permission if he could read out the oath for the nun.  Go ahead, said the judge. The oath said in effect that the nun is married to Jesus Christ. The ISKCON man said, "Your Lordship! Lord Krishna is alleged to have 'married' 16,000 women only. There are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ. Between the two, Krishna and Jesus Christ, who has a loose character? And what about the nuns?" The case was dismissed.


Sactown Bobby said...

aren't all nuns bride of christ?

Nikhil Raole said...

The Gopikas are freed by Lord Krishna from Kamsa, and they were there with Lord Krishna for Shelter, the relationship in Divine Marriage (without actual consummation) is to give the Gopikas Social recognition only, in that day and age.