Thursday, December 23, 2010

k karunakaran dies. but let us remember rajan and eachara warrier

dec 23rd, 2010

read 'memories of a father' and weep

where were you, 
/JNU professional whiners, when eachara warrier waged lone battle against state for 30 yrs?
my elegy for eachara warrier, a hero. k karunakaran during emergency did not do right by warrier, a family friend.
LEADER, RIP. k karunakaran dies. whatever good he did, there was also the 'disappeared' rajan, eachara warrier's grief, and 'piravi'


Shiva Subramanian said...

one of your best writings (2006, rediff). truly heartbreaking.

nizhal yoddha said...

thank you. i take rajan's case very personally because it is so easy for the state to do this to any of us in a future emergency, which may happen any day, for instance if JPC finds money trail to sonia.

Blogvoice said...

Great comfort to know there are people out there who take denial of justice seriously, even after more than 30 years...