Saturday, December 25, 2010

how your tax rupees are creating christists, and the m teresa airport

dec 25th, 2010

your tax rupees at work; and 2G scam too RT
: The Christianization of Kaladi & surroundings is huge. Massive church on highway
realistically, it will be rahul gandhi ap RT
 Any chance of it being renamed after Prof Warrier or Rajan?
so 'secularism' broke out: result sankara proposal sunk. what m teresa, has to do with cochin unclear. except that cochin is xtist epicenter
cochin a/p 1 mile from kaladi, birthplace of adi sankara. when suggestion to name ap after sankara came up, xtists said, no, m teresa ap
fat chance. xtists lobbying to name it after m teresa RT 
: Shashi Tharoor says name Kochi airport after Karunakaran

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DevoutHindu said...

It should be named Shankara Airport. When have our seers on whose laurels we stand been appreciated and lauded. It should be Adi Shankara Airport. We have given due share to the conversion damsel Teresa.

Let sense prevail and let hindus for once behave like majority.