Thursday, December 09, 2010

india, aspiring world champions in bribery

dec 9th, 2010
ok, i am sure transparency international is a biased group (and arvind will now find that al gore runs it too :-) but nobody will be amazed at the level of hanky-panky in india.
btw, it was a nice coincidence that sonia gandhi's birthday is also international anti-corruption day :-)
and on that day, the 9th of december, CVC pj thomas inaugurated a website for people to report corruption. i pretty much fell off my chair laughing. bro, thomas, your name should be first in that list (anybody remember that syrupy poem 'abou ben adhem' we were all forced to study in school? well, like abou ben-adhem, thomas will be numero uno).
here's transparency international's ranking.


Raghu said...

Does the fraud of "carbon credits" figure in this graph?
What about weapons sales?
What about manipulation of stock markets and oil prices?
What about massive corruption in sport?
Blood diamonds?
India governance is corrupt and pathetic but western governance is CRIMINAL.
Do you think the poppy grown in Afghanistan is for medicinal purposes?

Non Carborundum said...

Mint: Anatomy of Indian Capitalism

"Despite reforms and the end of the licence raj, wealth creation is still concentrated in rent-heavy sectors

Non Carborundum said...


In most of these that you mention, corruption is exported and benefits the citizenry.

CDM hokus pokus reduces the implication on account of historical carbon sums.

Weapons sales boost GDP.

Manipulations of stock marketss and oil prices help sustain the financial system and the dollar as a reserve currency.

A covert steroids programme increases performance and national pride.

Diamonds with African blood do not necessarily imply any negative consequences elsewhere.

If terrorists can peddle drugs for money then so can those fighting terrorists.

Our corruption is different.

Arvind said...

Raghu, Indian governance is also CRIMINAL. Indians seek to be subservient to the Western countries and outdo them in criminal actions. Hindus have zero rights everywhere, but India is unique in the sense that it provides extra rights for Abrahamic cults.

witan said...

Please pay attention to what Non-Carborundum said, especially the pithy last remark: "Our corruption is different".

Isaac Asimov said in his school class that Abu Ben Adam's was at the top because the list was in alphabetical order. Perhaps Thomas should change his first name to "Aaron."

Itsdifferent said...

And the sad thing is, common man of India believes that you cannot govern without the money got through corruption.

Raghu said...

My point is that this "corruption index" is entirely a western point of view. There are a multitude of issues within their own countries which are never considered by western agencies whilst framing these reports.
If you don't get, there's nothing I can do about it.