Friday, December 17, 2010

more on dalal media's peccadilloes, including the URL

dec 17th, 2010

check out or (honoring chitrakut's request):

ELM's WEAKNESS. they seek approval from internet-savvy because tweets eventually get noticed by wapo, nyt etc. they crave white media kudos
as a wit said, NDTV makes no bones about fact that they are "Nehru Dynasty TV" :-) truth in advertising. have to grant them that.
ELM = english-language media. aka MSM. regional-language media much less prone to lying
NETA-BABU-JOURNO-JNU SLINGBAGWALLAH NEXUS EXPOSED. all enemies of people. on payroll of anti-nationals. we knew this, it's confirmed now
CHOMSKY, GURU, YOU WERE RIGHT. "manufacturing consent" is
 role. to the barricades! throw da bums out!
NOT EXACTLY THE NEWS. no surprise:
manufactures opinion: their sock puppets say "lobbying is fine".


Anonymous said...

thanks Rajeev. I hope the site gets more clicks now.

slim_shady said...


Please note the following Radia Tape showing Jehangir Pocha and NewsX are funded by Nira Radia:

Non Carborundum said...

Don't know how credible Gerald Celente is but he predicts among others

"7. Journalism 2.0 Though the trend has been in the making since the dawn of the Internet Revolution, 2011 will mark the year that new methods of news and information distribution will render the 20th century model obsolete.

With its unparalleled reach across borders and language barriers, “Journalism 2.0” has the potential to influence and educate citizens in a way that governments and corporate media moguls would never permit. Of the hundreds of trends we have forecast over three decades, few have the possibility of such far-reaching effects…. "

Non Carborundum said...


Brahma Chellaney - "A bully goes only after the timid"!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!2700.entry