Saturday, December 25, 2010

sports gods with feet of clay, and real champions

dec 25th, 2010

and sachin's 50th test century brought an innings defeat. if he was god, as fans assert, why didn't he pull a miracle victory out of his ass?

let us learn to applaud winners, not selfish losers. for instance, let us remember p t usha, 4 golds and 1 silver at 1986 asian games.

better would've been women's 4x400m team, asiad + cwg gold RT 
: Sachin Tendulkar is DNA Sportsperson of the Year


M. Patil said...

Cricket fans need to chill out. Cricket is played in perhaps a dozen countries. And in most of these countries like Australia, Holland and England it ranks third, fourth etc in popularity.

So, how can one compare Cricket with other sexy muscular sports like athletics, which are played in most countries?

Harish said...

Cricket is a sport of clowns and jokers, played for hours on end with unathletic douchebags.

Sachin is the world's best cricketer according to whom?

That's just your personal opinion.

stfu and gtfo the blog if you like that colonial tea drinkers "sport" so much.

I prefer actual sports like rugby, Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Track and field, swimming, Kabaddi, wrestling (the real kind not the WWE you watch).