Thursday, December 16, 2010

another myth assiduously cultivated in india

dec 16th, 2010

just like jesus, 'saint thomas', etc. kashmiriyat is a myth, a pious lie made up by vested interests to fool you. 

so is sufism's supposed tolerance: see comment by vipul and my response. if sufism is not treated as a heresy (as ahmadism is) then it means it is fully koran-compliant. which means it is all about world domination for arabs. you could say sufism is large-scale kitman and taqiya intended to obfuscate for the benefit of mohammedanism.

ANOTHER GREAT MYTH. Kashmiriyat. Basically mask for normal mohdan imperialism. Like myth of sufism's distinction from std kill-kafir stuff

vipulkocher @RajeevSrinivasa
sufism IS different. It embodies all concepts of devotion, love, Ahm Bharhmasmi etc. Read Rumi. (cont)

RajeevSrinivasa @vipulkocher
mohdan fundies (wahabis) tolerate sufism. ergo it is fully compatible with mainstream: aham brahmasmi would be heresy

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