Tuesday, December 14, 2010

vir's hatchet job on taslima

dec 14th, 2010

now who could it be who wanted her out? 

Reads like paid hatchet job. Taslima right to complain. RT 
 Vir's piece on Taslima Nasreen 

Vir Sanghvi once wrote a column full of lies about me to serve the purpose of someone influential who wanted me to leave the country.


M. Patil said...

I used to think Vir was a quintessential Congress Durbari. Actually, he is an equal opportunity paid mercenary. That too a shame less one.

No one should expect an iota of decency from this mercenary.

Arvind said...

What did Vir Sanghvi write about the "post-Godhra" riots?