Thursday, December 30, 2010

francois gautier on FACT: please donate

dec 30th, 2010

very worthwhile efforts to show history as it was -- which is why the so-called nawab of arcot and DMK goons attacked his exhibition in chennai. the liars dont want people to know the true history of india.

we should all donate generously to FACT. i have, and will be donating more.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: François Gautier

Dear xxxx.

I have a foundation FACT, which does exhibitions on India's cultural and historical relevance, as well as on Human Rights issue (our exhibition on the Kashmiri Pandits' plight was shown to the US Congress and German Parliament in 2009 and 2008). You can visit and see most of our exhibitions on line.

 Having written several books on Indian History (latest: A New History of India, Har Anand, New Delhi 2009), I have become aware that India's History is not written as it happened. Thus, when I visited Pune in 2005 and saw that Shivaji Maharaj was not honored there as he should (there is no Museum dedicated to him in Pune), the idea was born to build a Museum of Indian History in Pune dedicated to him, using FACT’s present and future exhibitions (at moment we have commissioned exbts on Maharana Rana Pratap/ Hindu Holocaust/ Vedic Maths/ Dara Sukoh etc…

A year ago we were donated a piece of land near Pune airport and we are about to start construction. We have dug wells, laid out electrify lines, built a site office & started water conservation. On the xxth of xxx, my wife Namrita who is also a trustee of FACTand I will lay the foundation stone of a temple dedicated to Mata Bhavani (Mother India) and Shivaji, whom we want to promote as a Vibhuti, which he was. We are also meeting TATA Blue Steel to finalize plans for temporary buildings which will hold our exhibitions till the final Museum comes-up. It would be great if yourself, your wife and some of your board members could come to Pune then. 

You can also meet the sculptor whom we have commissioned to do a bronze rendering of Mother India endowing Shivaji (attached) which will be installed in, shrine within six months.

At the moment, I require about 40 lakhs for these projects and need to raise some money. 

FACT is a registered Trust in Pondichery, has Income Tax Exemption, FCRA and we have two chartered accountants, one in Pondy, the other in Delhi, who ensure that we are above board.


François Gautier
Rédacteur en chef La Nouvelle Revue de l'Inde
Editions L'Harmattan
41 Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003 
tel (91-11 24649635)/ (91) 9343538419

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