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dec 29th, 2010

if it is a christist thing, i suppose we could have a "HOLY PROSTITUTION: NAME A NUN RAPED, IMPREGNATED, OR MURDERED DAY" on, oh, let's see, mary's birthday?

wait, there are enough nuns raped, impregnated, or murdered to have such a day every day! just read c j issac's revelations on this topic, or sister jesme's autobiography, or even read the vatican's own report on nun-rape, which is endemic because godmen have complete power over life and death. or you could read, if your time is short, nun seffi's confessions under sodium pentathol truth serum about she and godmen kottoor and puthrakkayil were having a threesome in the kitchen at 2am, which poor sister abhaya chanced upon. whereupon seffi bonked her over the head with an axe, and they dumped her in the well.

i don't think is done by our mohammedan brothers. they are not so devious. usually. but we have seen how some hindu-christist tensions were indeed created in kerala by mohammedans attacking hindu shrines and leaving broad hints these were by xtists. this is y samuel reddy's progeny in action -- do you guys remember a named jaichand pallekonda and his son on this blog some years ago? said jaichand, by the way, and his son are also doctors (ref to binayak sen). jaichand, a xtists monster, attacked an octogenarian hindu who was protesting peacefully. his son justified that here. this reminds me of people of that ilk.

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From: Ravi

Is this burning being organized by crafty Muslim Jihadis (in India) whose ulterior goal is to provoke Christian-Hindu hostilities in India, and add fuel to the fire? 

The sneaky Muslim Jihadis have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making their enemies (Christians and Hindus) fight amongst each other.

The language of the letter below sure seems like that of a Muslim propagandist trying in vain to write a Christian-style pamphlet. Please read the lines in the letter carefully....

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Srikant Mookerjee


manipadma said...

Who is creating Terror ? – If convinced please circulate in the national interest.

Friends, In last couple of months the word “Hindu Terror” and “SafranTerror” is being used every day by Congress Party . On every passing day the attack on RSS and its allied organizations is increasing by calling them as Terrorist Organisations.

Anybody who is either reading news paper or watching television can notice that there is not a single thing happened from the RSS side during recent months which should lead to such a debate. Then the question arises why congress party started attacking RSS like never before ?

Readers know that in last couple of months congress lost very badly in Gujarat and in Bihar too. There is a paradigm shift in “Muslim Vote Bank” in these two states. In Gujarat more than 100 Muslim Candidates have won in Corporation Election under the leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi whom Congress lablled as “Mout ka Soudagar” and in Bihar BJP managed to get 90% of the seats contested, which is a record by itself in Indian Electoral history. These two states have witnessed a decisive blow in congress’s muslim vote bank. Secondly there is a rift in ruling UPA as Trinamool and other partners have openly supported JPC for probing 2G Spectrum Scam of 1.76lakh crores.

The nation witnessed the matured reaction of RSS Sarsanghachalak after the Allahabad High Court Verdict on Ramjanmabhumi issue.

Congress game plan for winning any election is now shattered because of all these new developments. Now the problem for the party is that neither they can convince Hindus nor they can anymore fool Muslims. Therefore they have created this new agenda so that the muslims should again start suspecting RSS and secondly to avoid any of their allies to defect and join hand with BJP because of different scams mounting to millions of crores. Deflecting attention from its failure to govern and to keep its vote bank intact is congess agenda but, it is indeed helps in creating the jihadi terrorism.

Raghu said...

Well done Manipadma!

Jatin said...

Well, ratzinger said that pedophilia is normal - and he is not yet slaughtered.