Thursday, December 23, 2010

malaysian disease redoubled where it originated

dec 23rd, 2010

there have been many cases of hindus (especially dead ones) having allegedly 'converted' to mohammedanism. there was in malaysia, a national hero, armyman and mountain climber -- when he died, the mohammedan court simply ruled that he had 'converted' to islam 'secretly'. 

same thing here. random dead guy had 'secretly converted'. 

and how do they know this? oh, they just know. SILENCE, INFIDEL! I KILL YOU! (as achmed the dead terrorist would say).

basically, they want everybody to convert by whatever means. this disease is spreading along with petrodollars from saudi arabia.

note in particular the role of the paks.

and also note the response of manmohan singh in the two cases.

1. indian doc (haneef) in australia accused of terrorism. manmohan singh loses sleep

2. indian doc (shalini) in saudi arabia accused of murder, jailed with 34-day infant, harassed. manmohan singh does not lose sleep, MEA does nothing. 

is there any further proof needed for hindus' second-class citizenship?

No cure for this disease:
 | Indian Doc learns about secularism in Saudi Arabia

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Jatin said...

I read such news and I am filled with this disgusting feeling that probably thing are never going to improve for Hindus. More I think about it, more I am convinced that the biggest blow that Brits delivered to Bharat was not partition or looting her wealth for centuries - but it was in the form of propping up of Mohandas Gandhi as a fighter leader of India's freedom. It is quite ironic that he quoted Gita and preached non-violence - we as a nation have been paying full price for his egotistical insistence on practicing non-practical non-violent manifesto. What could even RSS do? And BJP is just sailing along in the comfort of being in the opposition - while dynasty is ruling on till the day it will barter everything away.