Friday, December 17, 2010

dalalmedia is now scared of tweeple! people power ki jai!

dec 17th, 2010

interesting turn of events.

the hitherto unchallenged media mavens of the ELM are now running scared. (reminds me of how vajpayee and co were so craven in seeking the approval of the ELM. now the ELM is craven in seeking the approval of tweeple! irony is a bitch!)

first, burqa dutt and vir sanghvi's careers are going down the toilet, DESPITE the fact that the entire ELM rallied behind them and refused to publish anything about the radia affair. the noise made on twitter was so much that they finally had to acknowledge that there was indeed a problem. burqa's TV show defense of herself (which actually boomeranged on her) was a result of relentless twitter pressure. 

what really causes the ELM to worry is that the white guys' media is picking up these stories and carrying them: like wapo, nytimes. being written about negatively there really hurts their amour-propre. and white media correspondents in india are actually fairly active on twitter -- eg @lpolgren. 

and now the latest acknowledgment of tweeple power: IBN is manufacturing tweets and tweeple! this means the despised #internethindus are actually able to terrorize the ELM! that moron @sagarikaghose has been ranting and raving against tweeple, but neither she nor @bdutt can resist the temptation to try and 'explain' themselves on twitter.

see how IBN actually made up -- and in a brain-dead way too -- dumb tweets and tweeple names: yeah, harish_puttaswamy and kala_s: at least have some imagination! these names are what north indians think are actual south indian handles. 

RajeevSrinivasa #DALALMEDIA
MAKES UP TWEETS AND TWEEPLE. why do you care so much about despised
power to the tweeple!
 via Seesmic
, paragon of
 ethics, invents. HT
 desperate for tweeple affection?


slim_shady said...

Amazing. Can't wait to hear another Sardesai-Radia tape.

Vijay said...

Please write that ELM means English Language media. I had to google and find out

chitrakut said...

The link to the expose is below:

Rajeev, could you please make a separate post with a link to the blog above? Pleeaasee?

ASHISH said...

Media, TV Channels are hand maiden of Congress. Star News & NDTV stopped the live coverage of press conference of Nirmal Seetharaman, BJP Leader the moment she exposed the duplicity, lies, sham of Congress. This press conference was in wake of the Plenary Session of Congress in progress

Vijay said...

Neither have I heard of Puttaswamy, but it does exist according to google meister.