Wednesday, December 22, 2010

according to this woman, atheists are bad if they criticize xtism/mohdanism

dec 22nd, 2010

no wonder meera nanda gets a lot of applause from the kkkangress and ELM. she is another hypocrite. she doesn't like sam harris because he says xtism and mohdanism == bad, and hinduism and buddhism == not so bad.

no, no, harris, get with the picture. the truth, i swear god's angel told me this, is that xtism and mohdanism == good and hinduism/buddhism == bad. why, godman ratzy thinks so too, so it must be true.

you are a bad atheist if you say bad things about semitic death cults.

perverted turd, meera nanda is. if we investigate her and her money trail we'll find one of: a) she has a mohdan boyfriend and is mohdan by injection, b) she is funded by the godmen or the mullahs, c) she has a cozy relationship with the kkkangress.

so why doesn't she go whole hog and call herself by her real mohdan or xist name? no, she won't, like teesta won't. stealth, crypto-semitics do it better.

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Meera Nanda's ideological moorings are far-left. So what she said shouldn't be surprising. What really struck me was her outright attempt to mendaciously deny and even foolishly mock ancient Indian scientific contribution in a different article on that site. Her crude barb at Aryabhatta ( was very distasteful, particularly so since it was based on a consummate mendacity. I have made a comment to that affect under that article ( I encourage others to contribute as well. There should be an organized, scholarly effort to confront, expose and defeat their perfidious rubric.

M. Patil said...

Mira Nanda is the usual Brown Sepoy funded by the Templeton Foundation and assorted Evangelicals and Hindu baiters

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