Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Watch live the launching of Gujarat Solar Park - the Asia's biggest solar power park!

dec 29th, 2010

interesting. but shouldn't you put the photovoltaic devices in some arid, marginal land, not one that is full of trees? or is this just a publicity photograph?

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Arvind said...

solar energy is not a viable technology. it is unreliable and inefficient but a lot of progress has been made. if left to the market forces, it will become popular when the technology improves. the fact that it requires politicians and central planners to prop it up means that it is just a publicity stunt. hence the trees. remember it needs to look "green."

nizhal yoddha said...

i disagree. we need to get off oil for three reasons:

1. oil is fueling terrorism

2. oil-based plastics are choking the land and sea

3. oil-based greenhouse gases are perturbing the climate

and 'nucular' is not the answer. free sunshine is.

anything that can help me say "up yours" to OPEC needs to get state support. for this desirable goal, i will put aside my objections to state guidance and planning. i would like to have a self-contained photovoltaic system that runs my car too.

let us remember that the mecca of capitalism, silicon valley, is a product partly of massive government investment in university R&D. and for what it's worth, the hans are doing a good job of co-ordinated mercantilism, as the japanese too did for a while.

it is not that all government is useless. do not judge them all by the kkkangress's standards. the kkkangress has other goals, such as conversion.

Arun said...

It is true that at the moment solar energy is not a viable technology. Price per watt is lot higher. Nuclear energy is a better alternative, though not very cheap and safety is a concern,

Arvind said...

i am not in disagreement with you. as i said, you need to leave it to the market and the technology will improve and it will become viable. when bureaucrats and politicians are involved, it will keep genuine competition out as they funnel money to their cronies. this is true in every country. i was merely commenting on the "green" color to make the point that it is about style and not substance.

Sid Gau said...

In the initial stages, industries required the State's help to some degree. In US, the Railroads received patronage from the Government. The automobile and oil industry required the Government to build Inter-State Highways. The Agriculture industry in USA depends on the subsidies.

In Germany, the Solar industry thrives on the subsidies.

In India,the Information Technology, which is stable now, required lots of help from the State.

Once the acceptance of technology increases, and crosses a critical threshold, the cost will come down.