Saturday, December 25, 2010

corruption, lack of ethics increase with degree of christism

dec 25th, 2010

and #dalamedia busy making up new meme bjp == kkkangress

that is possibly because the #dalalmedia is increasingly infiltrated with christists and crypto-christists
just look at DMK: baalu, velu, karuna, alagiri, kanimozhi-gaspar, raja. merry xmas every day when snouts in trough of public money
RajeevSrinivasa #justsaying
 the more christist you are, the more blatantly corrupt you are. as more congis converted, more corruption. and DMK most corrupt
RajeevSrinivasa #dalalmedia
same BJP == Cong meme in "but yeddy is corrupt". maybe, but he only stole 500 cr. u-know-hu stole 200,000 cr. at least
RajeevSrinivasa #dalalmedia
but radia is small fry, titillating as her tapes are. real money trail leads elsewhere. radia is a diversionary tactic
RajeevSrinivasa #dalalmedia
radia made out to be superwoman leaping tall buildings etc. also broad hints that she was pally with BJP. so BJP == Cong. QED


DevoutHindu said...

Christian Crooks have sucked the country dry. But alas hindus are totally ignorant. Sometimes i just feel the our hindu DNA is so flawed in the sense that we are missing all relevant genetic code which would make a discerning citizen able enough to protect their country and culture. It's quite a scenario when

1) My maternal ignoramous aunt calls me up at 7 in the morning to wish me merry christmas in India. We haven't celebrated the thing since made up seminal hunk adam mated with eve
2) My orthopedic surgeon in northern india decks up his office for christmas and starts wishing every tom dick and harry coming to his office. The guy has Lord Hanuman on his desk and wears probably 10 rings in his fingers.
3) Papers start talking about the dead guy as "Prabhu Yesu" or "Yesu Bhagwan" and every channel under the sun carries the red cap to appease the minority

My thing is have we usurped the dead guy just as we did Nanak, Buddha etc into hindu mainfold and if that is the case then it sure is kick in the nuts for the christians. Or may be we are so fogged in our vision and brain that we have forgotten that our lord carries a flute and roams with the cows as opposed to nailed to a block of wood and dying(dead).

Harish said...

DevoutHindu just wish them Happy Saturnalia when these ignorant douchebags start wishing happy xmas.

Xtians stole xmas and easter and a bunch of other things from European pagans while genociding them, the same way they are stealing Hindu stuff in India.

Also tell them that some dead bastard born to a galilean whore is no savior when these wankers bang on about yesu "bhagvan".

I tell my gora friends straight up that jeebus didn't exist and if he did well he was a bastard and Mary a dirty slut who got knocked up by some Roman soldier named Panthera as per Jewish sources, they even found some grave of a Roman legionairre named Panthera in modern day Germany. He couldn't even save himself and he is gonna save us lol.