Friday, December 10, 2010

how pak ex-ambassador reacted to fakeleaks

dec 10th, 2010
nice contrast with how india's own ex-ambassador bhadrakumar presented the *chinese* perspective.
the pak guy is nothing if not rabid. he claims he was fooled by the fakeleaks, but then he wanted to believe them, because they repeated standard pak army propaganda.
we should have spread our stories about mush's dog butch offing benazir in a wikileaks like format, and zafar would have ranted about that too.
btw, isn't jang the aman-ki-asha partner for the times of india? didn't they call the ToI to verify these allegations?
and here's a repost of the guardian story that san had posted earlier debunking these fakeleaks.


mayura said...

And he was the ambassador of Pakistan at several countries...hmm..and I thought our MEA babu's were the worst of the lot..there is hope for our MEA babu's after all

san said...

Here's an article from CSM on the PakiLeaks:

san said...

Here's another good exposé from Bibi: