Thursday, December 16, 2010

rahul is right if you just parse it correctly

dec 16th, 2010

there is no way mohammedan terrorists will ever target the dynasty. after all, they are their best friends.

when rahul says 'india', he means 'nehru dynasty'.

so he's absolutely right. as they say, from the mouths of babes...

hindus are the only people who care about india, and since the nehru dynasty is the biggest threat to india, hindus are far more likely to be a threat to the nehru dynasty than mohammedans are.

hat tip to san for pointing to the actual statement made by rahul as per wikileaks. it is also available here:

WikiLeaks: Radical Hindu groups major threat to India, Rahul Gandhi told US envoy
POWER OF TRUTH BY REPEATED ASSERTION. Amazing how mythical entities turned into reality via propaganda: jesus, 'saint' thomas, hindu terror
INDIRA-INDIA UPDATE. When rahul says india he means 'nehru dynasty'. He's right, mohdan terrorists will never attack them.
RAHULSPEAK TRANSLATION. Mohdan terrorists are less of a threat to nehru dynasty than hindus are. L'etat, c.est moi, as louis 14 said

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