Monday, December 20, 2010

latest haven for somali pirates: lakshadweep

dec 20th, 2010

green brothers in arms, no doubt.

LAKSHADWEEP: LATEST PIRACY OUTPOST. my wild guess as to why somali pirates feel secure there: green terror, maybe?


sands said...

Off the topic Our home minister PC says congress will rule india for next decade ... well afterthis corrution expose et all only way that congress will rule is through EVM's now slowly but surely i am starting to believe that congress has taken over the EVM else no fool in this climate will believe that congress wil rule for the next 10 years

Raghu said...

This issue is much deeper.
On one previous occasion, a pirate "mother ship" was found to be completely manned by Pakistani officers.
The entire Somali pirates issue has been hatched between Somalis, Pakistanis and the Chinese, with the motive of gathering huge ransoms paid by shipowners and challenging the supremacy of Indian control in these waters.
Every nation worth the mention has a naval convoy in the Gulf of Aden.
Even there, Indian naval vessels have been threatened by the Chinese.
Wikileaks appears to have no comment on this issue. There is no feedback on the money trail.