Tuesday, December 14, 2010

digvijay singh: "never mind, i just made it up on the spur of the moment"

dec 14th, 2010

can someone sue him for defamation, libel?

digvijay "roseanne roseannadanna" singh: "never mind"

PINOCCHIO. "i lied", digvijay. 
 in good company with 
 media: lie, cheat. are their noses growing?

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Diplomatic Cable:

8. (C) Comment: While the killing of three high level law enforcement officers during the Mumbai attacks is a remarkable coincidence, the Congress Party's initial reaction to Antulay's outrageous comments was correct. But as support seemed to swell among Muslims for Antulay's unsubstantiated claims, crass political opportunism swayed the thinking of some Congress Party leaders. What's more, the party made the cynical political calculation to lend credence to the conspiracy even after its recent emboldening state elections victories. The party chose to pander to Muslims' fears, providing impetus for those in the Muslim community who will continue to play up the conspiracy theory. While cooler heads eventually prevailed within the Congress leadership, the idea that the party would entertain such outlandish claims proved once again that many party leaders are still wedded to the old identity politics. The seventy-nine year old Antulay was probably bewildered to find that his remarks, similar in vein to what he would have routinely made in the past to attack the BJP, created such a furor this time. End Comment. MULFORD