Sunday, December 26, 2010

national autocratic council: off with their heads!

dec 26th, 2010

the NAC reminds me of robespierre, danton, et al of the french revolution

actually the off with their heads part is not theoretical. there was the beheading of communist terrorist leader kar and his wife, in front of their daughter, because he disagreed with Supreme Leader sanyal.

what did the sainted (and undoubtedly christist-by-injection-via-christist-wife) binayak sen have to do with this beheading? enquiring minds want to know


Ghost Writer said...

yikes - I did not now there was a real i.e. actual beheading. do you have kar's first (or should I say his last) name?

I wonder what the PUCL had to say about that episode?

also there seem to be multiple sanyal's in the camp of these crazies - I thought a Sanyal killed himself a year or so ago; I now find there is another one in the shadows that this creepy doc seems to have helped.

or maybe these sanyal's are like the Duvalier (remember them of the 'Papa Doc' and 'Baby Doc' vintage). Christist's of a feather flocking together ....

Im very eager to get Sandhya Jain's opinion on this one. I think she was following this case for some time

nizhal yoddha said...

rabindranath kar, and wife anandamayee.

some reports said they were burned alive. in any case they are very very dead.

it also so happened that the kars were harijans. none of those who screech about harijan rights esp. the dayals and suchlike as much as moved a muscle. after all, how can you? the killers are your contractors useful for killing hindus in general, harijan or whatever.