Saturday, December 25, 2010

re Shalini Chawla, what you missed

dec 25th, 2010

i didn't actually miss this, i tweeted it, but you're right, i didn't highlight it here.

note role of paks RT 
: No cure for this disease:
 | Indian Doc learns about secularism in Saudi Arabia

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"She stayed there for 25 days and learnt that some Pakistani colleagues and locals had conspired in the whisper campaign. After being released, she was confined to the hospital campus with her movements severely restricted,'' said her paternal uncle, H Nagpal."
People-to-people contact, Samjhauta express, Aman ki aashaa etc. etc. leaps to the mind...  
Technically, the Saudis were within their legal rights in their country to act as per the 'information' provided by fellow 'true believers in the merciful and compassionate.'  


Uddharet said...

“Amnesty International” that has come out with guns blazing to defend Binayak Sen, convicted of TREASON on evidence, has nothing to say about this case. AI is Anti India

Sita said...

Very few papers even carried her story. Nor did the women's Commission.I don't follow News on TV,so I don't know if they even mentioned it.