Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobel Puts Spotlight on China

It may be a Nordic prize, but it's managed to put the Chinese tyrants in the dock and highlight the ugly corrosion beneath the shiny exterior which they've carefully polished to show off to the world. Even Obama showed some welcome humility in stating that Liu Xiaobo was more deserving of this prize than himself.

With India showing up at the Nobel Prize ceremony, China immediately announced that its trip to India would be extended with a visit to Pakistan. India had previously pleaded with China not to include Pakistan on its itinerary, as that would send a wrong signal of Indo-Pak hyphenation. What's probably more important is for India to show China that it can't be pushed around, and that stapling extra documents to Indian visas from J&K and Arunachal Pradesh won't be taken lightly.


slim_shady said...

I guess I am being idealistic here, but, frankly, India should cancel the Chinese guy's trip, and tell him to go directly to Pakistan.

san said...

Wen & Co need India more than we need China right now, because their economy is the one in danger of bursting like a bubble, not India's. And when that happens, all their Paki horses and all their Pak men won't be able to put poor China back together again.