Thursday, December 09, 2010

PakiLeaks: Pak Fakes WikiLeaks Cables to Attack India

Pakistan has created some fake WikiLeaks diplomatic cables, in which US diplomats claim that Indian generals are genocidal and that New Delhi supports terrorist groups in Pakistan. These cables have been found to be fake, and not part of the WikiLeaks trove of documents. That hasn't prevented the Pak media from rampantly publishing the fake documents, and crowing that their fears of India have been right all along.

The worst allegation made was that Indian Army and hindoo fanatics conspired to kill police official Hemant Kharkare in a pre-planned attack, as part of their general orchestration of 26/11.


karyakarta92 said...

If my memory serves me right, the malicious allegation regarding the circumstances of Hemant Kurkure's departure was originally made by indigenous Indian scumbag politicians - Veerappa Moily, A.R Antulay, Ram Vilas Paswan - in the immediate aftermath of 26/11.
They were making dark insinuations about the late Kurkure's "heroic" pursuit of "Hindoo terrorists" before 26/11 and a possible "Hindoo terrorist" hand in his departure! Sorry to say - but, if anything - the operations at CST railway station only prove that Kurkure was an incompetent policeman, foolish to rush in without proper
weaponry etc - and competent only to the extent required to persecute, defame, intimidate Hindu nationalists - including physical torture and sexual harassment of a defenseless woman like Sadhvi Pragya.

Parikshit Dalvi said...

Jaane de yaar. Let them get a little bit of happiness. Apna kya jaata hai?

On the side note... have a read of