Thursday, December 09, 2010

ambassador's pat-down deserves a demarche or diplomatic note?

dec 9th, 2010
i think there's a reasonable case to be made out that this displays:
a) racism
b) spinelessness
Chellaney Indian envoy's "pat-down" days ago was suppressed by Embassy but is in news today because of an obscure Mississippi daily
Chellaney The Indian ambassador had a choice: Accept the "pat-down," or call up State Department and risk missing the flight. But she chose pat-down.
Chellaney Remember the Chinese Foreign Office's post-midnight summon to the Indian envoy? Instead of going in business hours, she showed up at 2 am!
quotes from article:
"The way they pat them down - it was so humiliating," said Tan Tsai, a research associate at MSU's International Security Studies center who witnessed the screening. "Anybody who passed by could see it."
Under the new guidelines, most who receive the full pat-downs are those who set off metal detectors or decline to use body scanners. Jackson Evers does not have body scanners yet because additional infrastructure is needed.
Shankar did not set off the metal detector, according to witnesses.
The guidelines also allow searches to be conducted in private if a passenger requests. Witnesses said Shankar asked for a private screening, but she was led to a clear box where two officers searched herin clear view.
"She is a very strong woman, but you could see in her face that she was humiliated," Tsai said. "The Indian culture is very modest."


Arvind said...

the day india should deal with this is to do unto american diplomats what they do to you. and make the process really humiliating. until that is done, india is not fit to be considered even a medium power in any area. it is a weak country ruled by weaklings.

Anoop's Blog said...

I know the security guards are doing their job, but no peep from any body in India. What SRK detained is more important to discuss than Indian Ambassador to US getting shabby treatment is not even worth a protest?

May be govt is too busy preparing for Sonia's Birthday bash (aka Congress Plenary).

Gengez Khan plundered Europe because his representative was dishonored. Imagine, if the reverse were to be the case, Ms Clinton would have been in India with in 12 hours.

You disgust me, GOI.