Sunday, December 12, 2010

big brother is watching: US prof demonstrates evm fraud - is thrown out of India

no screaming from the banshees in the media - questioning - (take that back - demanding) to know why this man was thrown out

guess antonia is desperate now. after packing all institutions with lackeys it is hard when an outside academic shows the emperor has no clothes


slim_shady said...

The point is that we are not even willing to discuss the potential shortcomings of EVMs in the public sphere, when countries a lot more technologically advanced than us have rejected them. Of course, the Nira Radia tapes show why the 'free media' does not bring this up either.

And the good Professor who does discuss these things is deported from our country. So it is just a little confusing how we can contrast ourselves with say thuggish China saying we are a democracy -- as the difference is frankly not so clear.

Raghu said...

What does the EVM fraud entail, with Dr. Swamy clearly telling us that more than 4000 are missing?
Also, does that mean that National elections are tweaked but not state elections, at least currently?
Any thoughts/ opinions anyone?
I believe only 1% access the internet in India, so dissemination of information here doesn't worry the powers that be.

Murty said...

If the EVMs can be manipulated, the party in power can do what it wants with the EVMs. It can so design the election results that they look very authentic. States like Gujarat and Bihar will be allowed to go without intereference and wherever there are doubts, they can play with the EVMs. Occasionally they can defeat their own apprently winning candidates. State elections don't count much but when it comes to the big ones like the Lok Sabha, they won't take any chances.

You have got to give it to them; last time they played it very smart and all the parties like RJD, CPM etc. who troubled Congress bit the dust.

And as for the poor and illiterate Indians what counts is a few hundreds of rupeesand liquor on the election eve. They don't care for the veracity of EVMs, neither can they understand the implications. And there is ethical bribing as well as amply demonstrated by DMK.

And that is how Indian elections are going to be conducted from now on.

san said...

It looks like the One Party Congress State has returned with a vengeance.

I think that the Congress would be most likely to do this with the reassurance of foreign powers, since the foreign govts have an interest in making sure that no "troublesome" people come to power in New Delhi at this sensitive juncture.

If ever there was a party capable of causing civil war in India, it's the Congress.

san said...

It seems to me that Congress corruption has evolved into thinking more strategically, by not trying to overly rock the boat in eliminating all opponents at once, but moving rather through cronyist consolidation, where it eats up the smaller rivals while avoiding confrontation with the larger rivals. This is how they hope to extend their grip gradually by degrees.

The Congress will leave the BJP relatively untouched for now, while preying upon the weaker parties to expand at their expense.

They remember how they over-extended themselves by imposing the Emergency the last time, and this time they'll try a more refined strategy.