Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Detail Indian Assurances to US

While the ruling govt is eager to give Indian assurances to the US, I'm not sure what assurances the US is giving back to India. I bet the US assurances are more aimed at the well-being of the Kaangress, rather than at India's interests.


Agneya said...

English, not surprisingly, pushing the idea that the cables are proof that the only way to change Pakistan is to resolve Kashmir.

"Resolving the 63-year-old Kashmir conflict and reassessing Indian involvement in Afghanistan and the US's own policies towards India would all go some way to ending the perception that India is the mortal foe. New Delhi has resisted any attempt to link Afghanistan and Kashmir."


Of course, what is the Pakistani idea or resolution? Well we all know that answer.

Agneya said...

*of resolution