Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US Analyzed India 'Cold Start' Plans

Always claiming to fear an Indo-Pak nuclear war (despite always providing Pak with more offensive delivery systems like F16s), the US conducted an examination of India's "Cold Start" military doctrine, which called for rapid cross-border strikes against Pakistan in the event of serious terrorist provocations by it.

Add'l source: The Guardian


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Itsdifferent said...

The cowardice and unwillingness of our so called leaders is known to us all along. And the coldstart analysis just proves that.
Its a pity that a country that had so many great kings and their intelligence which expanded their reach so far and wide, had such chickens running the show.
Why arent the GOI mobiise the forces, conduct regular exercises to help them co-ordinate among themselves. With nations like Pak, China surrounding us, its a real shame that our so called leaders are asleep on the wheel. God save us.