Monday, November 13, 2006

write to the deccan chronicle to make them withdraw this nonsense

nov 13th, 2006

folks, please read the attached material and write to the deccan chronicle at the addresses given below.

this 'saint' francis xavier was a sinner, a murderer, and monster of the first order! in fact, we should start an agitation to change the name of any institution that bears his name. it is about the same as calling them 'idi amin school' or 'genghis khan college' or 'count dracula convent'.

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Cacoethes said...


The article, Paulo Coelho's paean to Francis Xavier in has left me quite concerned.
However, before sending emails to the addresses mentioned there, I'd like to read Paul Coelho's full article in original in “Deccan Chronicle”. I could not find it with a Google search, both regular and for news, and from inside the Deccan Chronicle Web site. Can you or someone else please give me the URL?
Also, the link to Paulo Coelho given in the article is wrong. It ought to be: