Friday, November 17, 2006

obsession, the movie

nov 17th, 2006

a couple of observations.

1. the west had a hand in creating these radical mohammedans by generously funding jihad against the soviets

2. odd, isn't it, that this film never mention terror attacks on india?

3. odder, isn't it, that they do not show any of the terrorist antics in the epicenter of mohammedan terrorism, pakistan? enquiring minds want to know why

4. india should be grateful to bush for having engaged the mohammedans in a crusade, thus diverting a lot of their attention to himself

5. it's not islamo-fascism, it's islamo-stalinism. this is a slightly more extreme variant of the stalinism practiced by you-know-who in india

6. most frightening thought: see those brainwashed children? that is exactly how *chinese* children are brainwashed. and unlike germany that is a small country hemmed in by hostile neighbors china is a vast, fascist, imperialist power. the only thing the chinese understand is naked power applied to their bottoms. they are very quiet then.

so instead of worrying about the mohammedans, whose imperial pretensions will come to an end as soon as hydrocarbon substitutes are found, or the yanks nuke mecca and medina, whichever is sooner, we should be far more worried about the inscrutable yellow peril.

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From: Sri
Date: Nov 7, 2006 2:50 AM
Subject: Very intresting video on Google

Hi Rajeev,
If any idiots are still thinking that Islam is a peaceful religion, here is an eyeopener;
This is a trailer of a new movie (

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