Tuesday, November 14, 2006

sun puts java into open source

nov 13th, 2006

after resisting this for years, sun has finally open-sourced java.

this could mean either that sun has realized that java will do well with open source's many developers, or it could mean that java has become irrelevant as a competitive differentiator. i don't know which of these is the truth.

aren't all the smart developers now into ajax, asynchronous javascript and xml, which has nothing to do with java per se?


habc said...

ajax, asynchronous javascript and xml are for the client side

For the server side the hot language right now is Ruby and the hot framework for web development is Ruby on Rails - Ruby on Rails is supposed to be 3 to 10 times more productive than Java for regular web apps.

Bruce Tate has a book on Beyond Java

another book by Bruce Tate is From Java To Ruby

Ruby Language was invented by Yukihiro “matz” Matsumoto

Ruby on Rails was written by a Danish programmer David Heinemeier Hansson

Java still remains the language of choice on the server for large enterprise apps - but Ruby is moving very fast.

habc said...

by the way Matz is Japanese

Also most of the Web 2.0 stuff is in Rails

Kaunteya said...

good points habc..

ajax et al work in tandem with java and complement each other in the entire framework..

also ruby on rail is hot and will pick up soon in next couple of years.. but won't be able to dislodge J2EE as a whole..

I am thinking J2EE/Jini/SOA/WMF are here to stay..

san said...

As you may have heard, Adobe is now going to open source its Flash engine, as part of an effort integrate Flash into the next version of Javascript. This is obviously being done to ward off heat from Microsoft, whose new Windows Vista uses a lot of Flash-style vector graphics. I'm really impressed at this development. This may then pave the way for a host of others to come out with their own products similar to Flash.

Anonymous said...

Ajax is mainly useful for providing enhanced user experience (Google maps) whereas Java/J2EE is meant for enterprise strength Business applications. Dunno anything about Ruby on Rail but demise of Java has been predicted before. I wish I'd data that showed percentage of J2EE business applications in existence vs. non-J2EE ones but cursory glance at number of jobs listings for Java developers shows how widely its used. J2EE Developers who've used LAMP (Linux, Apace, MySQL, PHP) tell me that it's not as big a deal as it is made out to be.