Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shri Dharampal passes away

nov 8th, 2006

this is a man who deserves much wider reknown. he laboriously hand-copied, at the british museum, original documents written by the whites. when the whites first arrived in india they faithfully documented everything they saw, and they were awed and amazed by what they saw.

it was later that they created the idea of racism. my personal belief, which i have never articulated at length, is that racism was invented by white women. to begin with, the white guys who ended up in india were delighted to take on indian women as wives and mistresses -- and this is not surprising: indian women on average are much more attractive and sexier than white women.

but this began to cause problems for what they called the 'fishing fleet': young white women who were shipped off to india in the hope of landing some promising white official as her husband. i think it was they, on pain of social ostracism, who invented the vanity that indians were inferior, thus weaning the men off dallying with indian women.

at around that time, some clever white guy realized that brainwashing indians into believing they were racially inferior this would enable them to keep indians down forever. thus the invention of the 'aryan invasion fantasy' and other such mythologies.

dharampal has managed to capture a large number of the first impressions of the whites in the 1700s, when they were simply observing, not attempting to destroy. for instance, it is clear that indians were far better educated in the village schools than whites were. so whites promptly destroyed the village schools. dharampal documents the schools in 'the beautiful tree'.

i bought a set of all his works from the center for indian knowledge systems in chennai -- this is in a slightly obscure basement apartment in a residential complex between anna university and the bridge and junction before cenotaph road.

dharampal's works are very much worth reading to get an idea of what india truly was like, even after 500 years of mohammedan attacks, and how the white christists managed to suck it dry in 150 years.

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Date: Nov 9, 2006 9:54 AM
Subject: Shri Dharampal passed away

Shri Dharampal, the author of "The Beautiful Tree" and "Indian Science
and Technology in the Eighteenth Century", among other seminal works,
passed away on 24th October at Sevagram (Gandhi's ashram) near Wardha
(Maharashtra). The cremation was held at Sevagram on the 26th.

His books are based on British documents of surveys conducted in
India. He excelled at dispelling colonial myths about India and at
bringing out the real strengths, achievements and working of the
Indian society. His complete works were published a few years ago by
Other India Press, Goa, in six volumes.

"Today India is more illiterate than it was fifty or hundred years ago."
- Gandhiji at the Royal Institute of International Affairs , London, Oct 1931

"The British would like us to believe that it [India] was very, very
backward, but their own records show that this was far from the case."
  - Makarand Paranjape, Professor of English, Jawaharlal Nehru University

A collection of online articles on Shri Dharampal, his work and books
is available at:

For more information about Shri Dharampal and his seminal work, please
contact Center for Indian Knowledge System (,
Samanvaya ( or Sevagram, Wardha.


virat0 said...

i think it was they, on pain of social ostracism, who invented the vanity that indians were inferior, thus weaning the men off dallying with indian women.


It seems there was an academic industry in europe to make the stuff racial, were the european academics competing for a suitable woman ?

Though bit risky, That the white women in India created racism is ready to be trade marked, in the simillar way as Aryan tourism theory. It will be a suitable rejoinder to secular theories of linguistics and migration, and would shatter some of their lofty ambitions of bedding.... Infamous intellectual Angna Chatterjee would be considered less than equal in this scheme - a potatoe .

BTW Thanks for info on Dharmapal and his works.

bly243001 said...

Thanks for this posting, Rajiv. I wish somebody could buy thousands of copies this book distribute it free all over India specially to parents like these

My Hindu parents were quite liberal and owned a Bible, and at age 10, I read the four gospels. I remember being moved by them. At that time, I did not like my family religion -- Hinduism. I thought it was "dirty" because of it's open sexuality.

Kudos to the young girl, who atleast found some salvation on her own.

lazysusan said...

This is really informative and interesting. Thanks.

drisyadrisya said...

I just wanted to added few more links

1) Indigenous Indian education in the 18th century (based on Dharampal's "Beautiful Tree" )

2) "Rediscovering India"

Saiganesh Ramani said...

Amazing set of information. Thanks for the links Rajeev and drisyadrisya.