Thursday, November 23, 2006

interesting hindu site

nov 23rd, 2006

lots of podcasts as well (many of dr. gopalakrishnan's speeches are in malayalam, btw).

thanks to ram for the pointer


Benjamin said...

A lot of interesting stuff here. As far as eating animals, let's make a distinction between mammals, on the one hand, and birds and fish, on the other. (I'm assuming lower forms of life suffer less, but perhaps that's just intellectual snobbery.)

Shahryar said...


Birds, fish and other vertebrates have a fully functioning central nervous system. Does that answer your question?

On the other hand fungi can be used to produce animal-flesh like foodstuff...

Benjamin said...

Yes, but that doesn't prove that they suffer as we do. The consciousness is not in the nerves but in some more esoteric aspect of the brain, if it is even there. This is a deep philosophical question. I don't have all the answers either, but I do hope that the less advanced animals feel less pain, as they are likelier to be eaten by other animals if not by us!

As for mushrooms, that raises another interesting question. I like them, but it seems they don't appear much in the Hindu food I have tasted. No doubt they are considered unclean.