Sunday, November 05, 2006

drink plonk and live forever

nov 5th, 2006

i am reminded of 'rumpole of the bailey' and his habit of downing cheap plonk.

and also, this: eat less and better, longer. hmmm... interesting idea. but practical? naah.

i did like the side-by-side picture of the two monkeys, though. makes one think.

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Ghost Writer said...

I am convinced that the habit of fasting has a reason behind it. My grandmother used to fast two days a week and lived to be 89. She was never over 120 pounds. Even in her later years - she always used to sit up straight and walk with an almost military bearing. Fasting has been appropriated by others, but is a Hindu tradition to begin with.
I am also sure that there is something to the cyclical nature of fasting; of it being a calendar event. The Hindu prescription of fasting is tied to our calendar and there a rules on what kind of fasting to do at what dates etc.