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nov 3, 2006

interesting note from the us hindutva youth.

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From: Shobhit Mathur


Hindu YUVA ( has released the latest edition of its monthly online newsletter Tattva. It can be downloaded from This is the third edition of Tattva and we have received an overwhelming positive response from all parts of the world so far. We need your support in increasing the reach of Tattva. I would be very grateful if you could publish the news below on your Blog.

तत्त्व is a monthly newsletter contributed by Hindu Youth in the USA. Tattva was started in September 2006 and since then has reached about 50 countries worldwide with a growing reader base everyday. In Sanskrit, तत्त्व means essence, and through this newsletter the Hindu YUVA team aims to present the essential and inspiring aspects of the ancient Hindu Culture along with related current day issues.

तत्त्व is a unique effort in this regard and one of the first of its kind. It is an avenue to gain a better understanding of the most ancient culture thriving on this planet. It offers the youth an opportunity to share their ideas about it as well as inspire others. You can download the latest edition of Tattva from .

Tattva Editor

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