Tuesday, November 21, 2006

me on how india lost tibet

nov 21st, 2006

i posted an article on how we contrived to lose tibet, and the lessons therefrom now that the butcher of tibet is doing a victory tour of india.

please take a look:


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Benjamin said...

Hi Rajeev,

A good article. I mention it on my website here:


and finish with this comment:

I would only add that this bad attitude on the part of the Chinese government all seems the result of Communism, a Western quasi-Abrahamic import. I am hazy on pre-Communist relations between China and India, but I do think highly of classical Chinese culture, especially when influenced by Buddhism from India and the spiritually related indigenous ethos of Taoism. And who could fault the social conscience of Confucius? Not to mention the many fine and friendly Chinese people I have met in America and elsewhere. No, aggression is part and parcel of the spirit-killing materialistic ethos of Communism. I wonder how foolish we Americans are to be building up China's economy so rapidly, before her Communist zeal has mellowed.