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more on 'divine' 'retreat' center: go there if you want to be raped

nov 3rd, 2006

den of iniquity

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From: arun

Dear Rajeev
Looks like not much is coming about whats happening at Muringoor -Potta dhyana kendram .. I hope you can write about it atleast on your blog
I see some bits in Malayalam papers
(wish this were translated)
and in

In another major incident, Neena Kumari of Kochi, who had gone to the Potta Christian Dhyana Kendra at Muringoor, was found dead at the centre. Two days prior to her death, her house received an anonymous call stating that her life was under threat, and asked her family to bring her back, but her family ignored the call. Three days later, the family got a message that Neena Kumari had died of breathlessness. Due to the high connections of the Christian centre, police did not conduct post-mortem or register a case. The body was cremated without even showing it to relatives and local people.

Now Jessy Johnson, who was Neena's roommate in the centre, has disclosed to the media that she was witness to Neena being drugged, raped and killed. She disclosed that she escaped from the centre fearing for her life and she asked for police protection. She also informed that Rs two lakh which Neena had with her, have also been confiscated by the Kendra.

Due to several complaints of rape and murder at the Potta Centre, the High Court has ordered probe by a Special Investigation Team. But due to the political and bureaucratic connections of the Christian centre, this probe is going on at snail's pace.

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