Thursday, November 23, 2006

godman ratzinger explodes kerala christists' fond hoax

nov 23rd, 2006

never thought i'd see the day when godman ratzinger actually does something useful.

but, "sweet jesus, it's a miracle! i can see!" (tm, eddie murphy pretending to be blind in 'trading places'), yes. the godman has put the kibosh on the intricately-planned fraud about an alleged 'saint' thomas. to be fair, the vatican has long said this business about this thomas arriving in kerala is bunkum. but kerala christists and their pals among the marxists have long proclaimed as fact the idea that christism was introduced into kerala in 52 CE by this alleged thomas.

the fact of the matter is that there was no 'saint' thomas in india. the fellow died in ortona, italy, and the vatican has certified his bones are there. fraudsters in india have long claimed that 'saint' thomas died in chennai, and therefore they destroyed the old kapaliswara temple that stood on the beach in mylapore and built their san thome cathedral on top of it. i have mentioned the 'two skeleton miracle' many a time (ie. the skeleton of thomas as a young man is in mylapore, and the skeleton of thomas as an old man is in ortona, italy. now isn't that simply miraculous?)

please refer to the fabulous work by swami ishwar sharan at

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Cacoethes said...

Another miracle, with ‘retrospective effect’ — Pope's speech that offended Kerala's Christians amended “The amendment, which has been made in the official website of the Vatican, states that 'St Thomas first evangelised Syria and Persia and then went on to western India from where also he finally reached south India'.”