Saturday, November 11, 2006

'dalit' hoax -- this omvedt is a menace to society

nov 11th, 2006

another yankee woman creating havoc in india, much like robin raphel, barbara crossette, et al.

what a dangerously hypocritical person! what, pray, has she done for blacks in her native america? these are people who have been completely deracinated and enslaved. i guess gail omvedt is keen on being the 'english goddess' that all 'dalit' children are brought up to worship. she wants to be the Great White Mother, i take it. sorry, white people, those days are over. harijans read the internet too and know that the whites are looking for the harijans to be their water-carriers and servants, forever.

and what have the christists done for harijans? nothing, other than exploit them.

i find myself quite amused about this whole 'dalit' thing -- much like the 'dravidian' thing an invention of the christists to attack hinduism. not to suggest that there isn't some residual and casual casteism amongst all of us. i have defended reservations too, in principle -- i think they need to stay for some more time, but i see no need to increase them, and furthermore, there is no need for hindus to fight with each other over these.

in any case, the whole point behind the arjun singh drama on reservations for backward castes is the following. he will get 70% of the seats reserved for backward castes, and then he'll get mohammedans defined as backward castes. which means that *all* mohammedans, even if they get 0 marks, will get admission to the medical and engineering colleges. that is the plan. this is because mohammedans are 13% of the population and will also be send to the head of the queue. that is, all backward reserved seats will start with filling the mohammedan quota, and then the crumbs will go to others.

the harijans or SC/ST or OBCs should realize that their future lies with a strong, growing Hindu India. joining the christists have made them just 'dalit christists', which christists should be ashamed of. but no 'high-caste' christist (eg. arundhati roy who apparently made a big deal that she was 'high-caste' in her one and only book) will even consider marrying off his son or daughter to a 'dalit christist'. you just watch arundhati roy's children.

and the funny thing is the christist obsession with caste. arundhati roy and 95% of kerala's christists are the descendants of OBC ezhavas or SC/ST pariahs or pulayas who converted after 1819 CE when colonel munro coerced the maharani of travancore into donating rs. 10000 to christists to set up a church in kottayam. maybe 4.9% of the christists' ancestors were sudra but FC nairs. 0.1% are the descendants of thomas of canaan and other syrian refugees who were welcomed into kerala in 345 CE.

but every kerala christist will tell you they were descended from nambudiri brahmins, converted by 'saint' thomas in 52 CE. alas, there were *no* nambudiri brahmins in kerala in 52 CE, but that' s a small detail. but the christist will abuse you if you tell him about his low-caste ancestry. they should be proud of it, but they are extremely sensitive about it.

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From: Shankar

Dear Rajeev;
I have been a fan of your blog "Shadow Warrior". I am one of those to regularly check it out at least once a day looking for fresh content.
I hope you will time to post the following links by the so called "dalit intellectuals" who want to nuke all indian languages, and who beleived only those who eat meet are capable of rational and egalitarian thinking! I am sure your readers will have a nice hearty laugh.
A follow up article by Gail Omvedt titled "Why Dalits want English" in the Times of India
Thanks and have a good day.

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