Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NGOs: One chapter from the vigil book online

nov 15th, 2006

radha has put one chapter of the vigil book (NGOs, activists and foreign funds: anti-national industry) on the web.

this one deals with my favorite ngo, ASHA, and my favorite ngo vampire, sandeep pandey.

the limeys have a great work, quango, for quasi-ngo. ASHA is a quango, for it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but it ain't no duck: it's a scheme for personal aggrandizement for pandey and for advancing the cause of the chinese. ASHA the quango.

please forward this widely. and if possible, buy the vigil book and donate it to various libraries and to editors and so forth, it's great stuff.

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From: Radha Rajan

Friends, after Sandeep Pandey's ridiculous asertion that he doesnt get foreign funds because "as a principle" he is against foreign funds, I decided that Chapter 8 of the Vigil book, which deals only with Sandeep Pandey's foreign funds and his accounting malpractices, must be made public. therefore pl find the chapter, the deccan chrionicle news report which carried Pandey's liberties with truth and Vigil's response all on the vigil website. thank you, regards, RR


KapiDhwaja said...

Dr. Babu Suseelan explains the "Religion of Peace" to an audience of counter-terrorism experts..
Hindu Perspective on Terrorism-Las Vegas Symposium

san said...

According to some news articles,

France/EU may try to impose tax on non-Kyoto countries

India is not a Kyoto signatory.

san said...

Did India actually invent carbon nanotubes?

Indian Wootz Steel May Have Been First Use of Carbon Nanotubes