Thursday, November 23, 2006

Europe Is Growing Skeptical Of Dialogue With Muslims by BY YOUSSEF IBRAHIM

nov 23rd, 2006

yeah, white guys feeling the pinch when mohammedans are hurting them in their own countries.

but watch, they will be full of advice to india to keep on appeasing mohammedans.

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Europe Is Growing Skeptical Of Dialogue With Muslims
October 6, 2006

After years of dithering over political correctness with Muslims and
Islam, Europe is waking up to a different morning.

A three-week tour of Italy, France, and Britain last month was enough
for me to conclude that Western Europeans have moved way beyond
dialogue. Confrontation, indeed even provocation, is their preferred
approach to the Muslims in their midst.

Long before Pope Benedict XVI's scathing comments in mid-September on
the fallacy of phony Muslim-Christian dialogue, signs of hardening
European views toward current Islamic values were plentiful on the

It was telling, for example, to see how Europeans greeted the naïve
commentary that surfaced in America's National Intelligence Estimate,
titled "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United
States." The NIE told bemused Europeans, among other things, that
"greater pluralism and more responsive political systems in Muslim
majority nations would alleviate some of the grievances jihadists

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