Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving to all in the us

nov 23rd, 2006

enjoy turkey (which i have eaten a couple of times, and found to have all the taste of cardboard) and all the fixin's.

and more than that, happy black friday shopping :-)

i am told laptop computers are particularly cheap this year. walmart is rumored to have a unit for $199; dell is rumored to drop its $499 model's price dramatically. and you can shop for these from the comfort of your internet connection! now who could ask for more. thank you, fry's, thank you, compusa, thank you, best buy!

i have my little heart set on a digital camera. my old hp camera is still a trooper, but alas, it takes only 2.1 megapixel shots, way behind the state of the art. i'll go for a 6MP or better canon, i think. i have always been a nikon man, i have had several nikon film cameras and still have a good one, but i think canon is the way to go for digital cameras.

and btw, the international film festival of india is about to start in goa also on the same day, i think.


Ghost Writer said...


If you are looking for a sugegstion for the DigiCam - may i recommend the Canon PowerShot Pro1 - read a review here

I have been using it for a year or so with excellent results (looking forward to the trip to Hampi!). It is the best option for someone that wishes to be more than an enthusiast - you can pick up a book on photography from the local library and actually try a lot fo the tricks on this one - my personal favorite is the photo-stitch feature

nizhal yoddha said...

thanks for the suggestion, ghostwriter. i have had nikon SLR film cameras and good telephoto lenses, so i was pretty much into photography at one point -- and used to take exclusively slides which give much better color. i have some great portraits and landscapes (esp. in bali). but i've gotten too lazy in my old age now. i don't want to deal with an SLR, so i have kind of zoomed in on a canon A540 which does have the auto-stitch feature you mentioned. and it's 6 megapixels, with a moderate video mode as well.

when you go to hampi, take lots of photos. my photos of hampi (and, alas, of angkor wat) are in 2.1 MP, just not good enough for publication (they need at least 4MP). you and i could collaborate and write something, and we could probably publish it in some travel mag. i have a lot of data about hampi but not the photos to go with them.

btw, i am planning to go one of these days to hampi again, and also to badami/aihole/pattadkal. this has to be done in december or january because the deccan is basically too damn hot at other times. maybe i can swing it.

expect to see lots of israelis and other white kids in hampi -- the place is full of them. the restaurant signs are in hebrew, korean, japanese etc. you could stay in hospet (hotel malligi roughly rs. 1000) and take a bus for rs. 5 to hampi. or if you are more adventurous, rent a motorbike or bicycle. the bicycle is rough because there are some ups and downs. the small lodges in hampi itself are pretty backpacker-basic and cost like rs. 200-300.

Anonymous said...

I've owned a Canon with Photostitch feature. I've used that feature to print fantastic views of Glacier Point and Maui Sunrise but now you can do same in Adobe Phontoshop or Microsoft's similar feature. Canon aim-and-shoot variety, although versatile, has irritating feature of shining too much flash when indoors. This totally ruins it. I've been eyeing Sony's DSC w100 which claims to do very well indoors and it's 8MB. Checkout for comparison shopping. Good luck.