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nov 10th, 2006

thanks to avinash for the following. yes, i may take you up on your offer. will you please upload your pictures to flickr? once i figure out how that's done, i'll upload mine as well.

the irrigation tanks (the best of course is the beautiful stepped tank close to the mahanavami dibba) and other water-works in hampi itself are quite impressive.

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From: Avinash

Hi Rajeev,
Yes, Hampi is indeed quite a sight. I lived in Hospet, the nearest town, for about five years and have been to Hampi many times. Last year I went there again after reading J.M. Fritz et al, New Light on Hampi: Recent Research at Vijayanagara. Also of note, and not usually told by Hampi guides and guidebooks, are the irrigation structures and forts that the Vijayanagara rulers built in Hospet. Outside Hospet town, on the way to Davanagere (on a national highway whose number I can't remember) there are huge water storage structures that look like they were built in the 19th or 20th century. They are actually remnants of irrigation structures built during the Vijayanagara times.

December and January are the best months to visit the place. Hospet and Hampi are hot and dusty almost throughout the year. I see on the Air Deccan website that they are going to start a flight from Bangalore to Bellary from November. Bellary is about an hour's drive from Hampi. The flight makes it even easier to visit Hampi.

I have a large collection of photos from my visit in 2005. I can send them directly to you if you're interested or upload them to Flickr or some such photo website.


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indianpatriot said...

Avinash's mention of Davangere brought memories of good old days where I spent my childhood to Engineering completion. Eventhough Hampi was just within 150 Kms I could visit it only twice. Anybody who had watched Jawhar Lal Nehru's Discovery of India episodes on DoorDarshan could have realized how history was twisted and twisted to suit Wicked Marxist Brains. In the serial on DoorDarshan Rama Raya is peacefully killed by his brother Bijapur Sulthan. However actual history as given by wikipedia site below shows Geelani brothers defecting to Sulthanate and backstabbing king when the emperor true to his Hindu roots was very secular. Arab Traveller who travelled to India in 8th century is right. Hindus have no sense of history.